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So, you had your nephew build your small business website in exchange for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2…. Now, let’s just say that you didn’t engage me to build you a search engine optimized site in the first place, and you don’t want to plunk money down for a site rewrite. What can you do to increase awareness and site traffic to your site?

Article Alley has a service they offer where they build Squidoo lenses and hub pages that direct and “focus” search engine love and traffic your way. For as little as $40 you can get started with them building a Squidoo lens and hubpage.

OK, I have never mentioned Squidoo on this site before, so you have to ask yourself <pats self on back> what the guru of search engine goodness thinks about Squidoo. </pats self on back>

Essentially Squidoo will allow you to “smush” keywords, phrases, links to your site, links to similar content, videos and other blogs and help to associate that highly ranked and relevant content with your site (building your sites relevance).  I would recommend this for companies and organizations that didn’t exactly put effort into building a finely tuned website. Check out Article Alley’s Hubpage & Squidoo creation

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