Are you an A, B or a C?

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with Bridget Oaks at Panera Bread (at the Greene).We chatted a bit about business incubation and the poor labor market in the Dayton region. Both Bridget and I have a strong desire to help make the Dayton Area a happening place. However, we both recognize that the unemployed or under-employed Dayton professionals only further hurts the local economy by “cratering” private and public investment and more importantly, taking creative minds “offline”.
My strongest take-away from our meeting had to be the “brain-twisting” on the different types of capabilities that job seeking professionals bring to the labor market. In order to differentiate the type of job seekers I classified them by alpha character. 42-20036703

Type A job seekers

  • Totally unaware of their true gifts and abilities.
  • Cannot easily describe why someone should hire them.
  • Are fearful that they lack the skills to obtain a good job yet still SPAM out their resumes to any and all job openings.
  • Fear that their age will hold them back from getting hired.

Type B job seekers

  • Recognize that they lack the education necessary for the jobs that they want, and actively seek out retraining to further their education.
  • Often find that they lack the funds to obtain a better education.
  • May often shoot for jobs either greatly above their capabilities, or under.
  • Often have weak resumes and do not recognize their own worth.

Type C job seekers

  • Focus on something that they not only are qualified for, but also are passionate about.
  • Are willing to sacrifice salary for job happiness and work/family balance.
  • Have a strong, clear and concise resume that demonstrates their value to the position being sought.
  • Find value within adversity.

Both Type A and Type B need to receive a transfusion of faith and understanding from those who can provide both. Additionally, Type A and B will never find jobs in the Dayton area without first understanding their predicament and then dealing with each challenge appropriately. Active networkers often lend a committed hand to folks through job shadowing, cross-training, free education resources, free resume review.. the list goes on and on… I am personally taking on the challenges presented by this exercise through my work in the following organizations:

The Northern Miami Valley HYPE organization (Helping Young Professionals Emerge)
Dayton Marketing Community
Linked Dayton
Rain Ohio

All of these organizations provide Dayton professionals with an opportunity to network with their peers and build their “street cred”.  While everyone can agree that networking is an important part of a job search, the members of these organizations actually go a step further to develop the individual into a better and more educated job seeker readying them for the challenges of today’s job market. I have a strong belief that tomorrow’s economy will be driven by those between the ages of 25-45 and also that the positions that these individuals will eventually have are not even currently envisioned. Think all new job titles, new responsibilities and new focus.

So what’s in it for me?
Easy… This business transformation will occur without the understanding, prior-approval or recognition by those currently leading today’s established corporations. The transformation will be driven by the consumer (rather than the producer) who will identify what is most important to them. All new businesses will sprout up to fill the vacuum and accommodate those new consumer wants and needs. As a Community Manager I get a front row seat for the formation of this new economy thanks to my immersion into the social media stream of conversation that both heralds the birth of the new economy as well as the death of the old.

p.s. Thank you Bridget for helping me gain additional clarity on this challenge, and then find the proper insight behind this blog post.

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