Another Definition… from Bash Foo

Another Definition... from Bash FooFor those who follow our blog (a.k.a company website) will recall how fond we are about creating non-standard definitions for who we are.

Instead of getting the most highly paid people in your company or organization all “wrapped around the axle” with redefining your Mission Statement or Company Goals every five years, why don’t you use a flexible series of action verbs to describe who you are and what you do? Big words don’t impress people anymore, especially your customers so quit using them.

The Action Verb

Action verbs are used to show when someone does something. So why do Mission Statements so often clobber you with “big words…shareholder value….blah-blah… respecting others… blah-blah… commitment” garbage?

Make it your mission today to build action verbs into your sell sheets, bid proposals and website content to show people when you do something. You not only demonstrate that you know what you do (through repetition) but you also show respect for others time when they are reading your marketing materials. At the end of the day all that matters is that you communicated what you do to someone who may find value to your goods and services. The rest is NOT a crap shoot however… The sale is the customary response from someone who places value in what you say you can do or provide to them.

Make it easy for your customer to know what to do. Don’t obscure it with your collegiate vocabulary, pompous rhetoric or ego-filled competitiveness.

Define Yourself

Go do it today!

First define yourself as someone who promoted his/her company’s interests by recommending a new strategy to market the Company. The Company, newly inspired by their ability to communicate and conceptualize their core business skills went on to generate more sales every month.

It’s about action folks. Now go and make something happen!

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