The Anatomy of a Great Web Design


Drawing visitors into your website and keeping them isn’t just about keywords and backlinks. Sure, these can help initial boost search engine optimization, but once someone stumbles upon your website, what keeps them interested?

When checking your site analytics, you’ll see something called a “Bounce Rate.” This is a very helpful indicator as to whether someone travels past the first page, or if they simply see the front page and “bounce away”.

Your web design and navigation should promote interaction. While every website has specific information and content to share with the world, every great website boils down to great Web design.

Make it Fluid

Do you remember when the Internet first appeared on smartphones? When visiting a website you would be forced to pinch and drag, zoom and crop, just to see anything. This has improved drastically, but it is more frustrating than ever to arrive on a website and have to alter your viewing angle to accommodate what the website displays. Whether on your tablet, computer or smartphone, this should never happen. By making your website responsive to the device, it adjusts to the size and shape of the displaying window. Doing this ensures every visitor has the best view of your content.

Keep it Simple

The best Web design is a clean one. This means don’t overcrowd a page with too much information. If someone struggles with what to read or is “hit over the head” with too much content, they may back out. Keep every page focused on one topic. Also, use the occasional picture and video. Rich media really is worth a thousand words (and it helps with image searches).

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