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The newest technology innovations today all call for loosely coupled integration points. For lay folks, loosely coupled technologies refer to an approach to designing interfaces across modules to reduce the interdependencies across these modules or components. This essentially ensures that changes made to one system do not cause fault within another. Social media and Social networking services all have embraced in some way this system of loose coupling of services.

Either by API call, the rendering of a messaging service (such as XMPP) or even the use of asynchronous email these service providers such as Facebook/LinkedIn, and this WordPress blog all rely on the system independence of each other, as well as the loose coupling of the integration modules that bind them.

So, this is to inform my LinkedIn followers that you will begin to see feeds from my personal blog entitled Bash Foo for the Soul at I’ll only be throwing over self-authored professional material to LinkedIn while continuing to share my brief rants, even briefer Tweets, and multimedia extravaganzas with my supportive “Foo” audience.

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