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Advertising on the web has become one of the most useful tools in internet marketing. It enables a marketer to reach a specific audience better than almost any other form of communication. Advertising on the web also allows for more accurate statistics of how many people see your ad, how many people click on your ad and even how many people are converted to loyal consumers because of your advertisement. Ad serving is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. It is a software that places advertisements on websites and monitor’s their success.

Ad serving companies provide software to website owners and advertisers that chooses and places an ad on a website that will make the most money. An ad server measures and evaluates each ad’s progress and is able to develop an idea of which ad will work best for the website or the advertiser. The ad server is continuously updated with new information and statistics to best serve the user, the website, and the advertiser. The user is consistently shown new ads.

There is plenty of ad serving software available to businesses of many kinds. The accuracy of ad serving software makes it a must-used tool for advertisers. It can calculate specific actions by users including behavioral targeting, geographic targeting and the number of clicks and views by each advertising campaign.

There are two types of ad serving: publisher ad servers and advertiser ad servers. Publisher ad servers are what was described earlier and the most thought of use of ad serving. Whereas advertiser ad servers are used more for tracking information to see what makes the best possible ad. The main reason for ad serving is to allow the publisher to deliver fine-tuned and controlled advertisements that are successful and will make the advertiser and website more money.

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