7 Things About Web Design Your Boss Wants to Know


Top end website designers spend years in training schools and universities, learning the ins and outs of website design. This allows individuals to learn coding, how to place content, manipulate graphics and do just about anything else with the functionality and display of the website.

While every company owner and boss has specific dreams of what they want their website to look like, there are seven general things your boss, any boss, wants to know about putting together their website.

1. Content Matters

Information placed on the website matters. Everything needs to have a meaning. It’s like editing together a movie. If a scene doesn’t add to the movie, it needs to be cut out. A Web design company will cut it out if the content doesn’t add anything.

2. Keep it Fluid

The website needs to appear in proper dimensions on any device, whether it is an Android smartphone or a Mac desktop. by keeping the website fluid and dynamic, it improves bounce rate.

3. Call to Action

Yes, people are on the website and they likely know what the site is about. A call to action directs them what to do next.

4. Color Reflects the Company

The color palette of the website has a mental connection with the company itself. This makes selecting the color palette of the site very important.

5. Keep it Simple

By not burdening pages with too much text, too many pictures and too many videos on each page, it does two things. First, it directs a visitor’s attention to what is important, and second it improves load time.

6. Image Searches

Using images is attractive. It also helps boost image search engine results.

7. Generate Sales

A company website creates leads and generates sales, as long as the product or service being offered is solid.

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