5 Facebook tools your business needs to be taking advantage of

5 Facebook tools your business needs to be taking advantage ofYes, Facebook seems to be rolling out updates and changes every day, which can be more of an irritation than a benefit. But sometimes Facebook comes out with a new function that makes making your page, well, YOURS. Here are 5 new tools that your business needs to be using to help build your brand on Facebook:

1. Hashtags
Hashtags on Facebook went live in June, and adoption has been slow for most brands. However Mashable has been reporting that one media-buying firm reports that 75% of its clients have already tried hashtags, and in the UK 61 of the country’s top 100 brands are using Facebook hashtags. In other words Facebook hashtags have #hugepotential.

2. Edit link titles and descriptions
Do you like to drive traffic to your website, but are tired of Facebook choosing your link’s title for you? You can take the reins on your posts by hovering over the link title and click to edit. You can also edit the link description by hovering and clicking to edit. Use this tool to control the content of your posts instead of just posting the first few sentences of the page.

3. Upload thumbnail images
If you don’t like any of the thumbnail images available for the links you share, simply click the “Upload Image” link under the thumbnail to upload your own. Images help grab a client’s attention in a busy newsfeed, so this is a great tool if you are trying to drive traffic to a page that either doesn’t have pictures or the pictures don’t work well as a thumbnail.

4. Schedule status updates in advance
As you create your post, click on the “schedule” icon in the lower left corner of your status box (it looks like a little clock). If finding the time to manage your social media is a headache, this can be a great tool to regularly send out campaign pulses by planning updates for when Facebook traffic is higher, specifically mid-morning and early afternoon.

5. Use the Pages Manager app
Version 2.0 launched for the iOS in May, is a free tool that makes managing your page from the road simple. You can filter and auto-enhance photos, view and reply private messages, and get push notifications about any activity on your page. If you are away from your office running your business, you can still easily manage your page.

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