4 Ways Content Marketing Helps a Small Business’s Website Become Visible


Content marketing is an effective approach for increasing inbound sales no matter what industry a business is in. After building a solid website with effective sales funnels, attracting visitors is the next step. In this regard, let’s look at 4 ways content marketing helps a small business’s website become visible.

  • Valuable Information for Visitors and Return Customers
  • Intrinsic Search Engine Optimization
  • Localized and Specialized Keyword Attraction
  • Sharing Content with Social Media and in Newsletters

Valuable Information for Visitors and Return Customers

Having a professional-looking website with minimal information does the job for already sold customers, yet how many visitors would be sold by reading an article with relevant information? Speaking to visitors and return customers through a blog, white papers, or knowledge-based center – generates more inbound sales. This is because their questions find answers and their curiosity is perked.

Returning customers would find valuable information related to the products and/or services your small business offers. This helps foster loyal customers and entices them to become an advocate, which is facilitated by share buttons on the article and/or an affiliate program.

Intrinsic Search Engine Optimization

This is a huge advantage gained when using content marketing on your small business’s website. Sometimes simple is the best strategy, and by simply creating fresh content your website will become more visible to potential customers. Keywords intrinsically compete for position in search engine results, and continual articles about relevant topics will help place your business at the top of search engine results.

Search engines love fresh and unique content that’s a certain length. Basically, a 400-1000 word article every week or so will keep your website intrinsically search worthy. With a little SEO strategy, keywords and phrases could be used to place your website at the top of Google’s search, which is about the best way to become visible there is. For instance, one popular article could generate tens of thousands of visitors alone within one year.

Localized and Specialized Keyword Attraction

If your small business is trying to attract localized attention, content marketing is a great way to corner the search results. The great part about localized visibility is there’s not as much competition, which gives your business an edge when using content marketing with localized keywords.

Also, adding valuable information about the community you serve goes a long way in establishing your website as an authority in the area.

For small businesses not appealing necessarily to a local audience using content marketing to capture specialized keywords will bring visibility. What services and products are being offered on your website? Writing articles about these on a regular basis with unused (or rarely used) specialized topic titles will generate higher results in search engines.

Sharing Content on Social Media and Newsletters

Content marketing is a great way for small businesses to reach out to their social media followers and add value to a periodical newsletter. Every article or blog can be shared to your social media channels, which keeps the conversation alive about your products and services.

While most people on social media are reluctant to follow a business account, many would become willing to follow after reading an informative and interesting article from your business.

Newsletters are another marketing channel that needs content to thrive. This newsletter could be shared weekly or monthly to email subscribers and social media sites.

A newsletter, full of informative articles, adds the in-depth perspectives loyal customers and fans are hungry for. While products and/or services are your selling point, the value beyond these can come from the business’s overall philosophy. This philosophy is a brand recognition strategy as well, and can be represented through content marketing in a periodical newsletter.


After building your small business’s website with an excellent hosting service, WordPress CMS, plug-ins, applications, and web frameworks – content marketing can be used to bring optimal visibility to your site. Content marketing is a simple approach for gathering inbound sales and providing value to returning customers.

These 4 ways content marketing helps create visibility for a small business’s website should help you visualize the value added from simply creating fresh content on you website. This is an affordable and effective method to gain the visibility needed to become an authority in your localized or specialized area.

Bash Foo understands the importance of content marketing and can help your small business develop the tools needed to implement this strategy.

We’re a digital marketing agency that seeks to build the online reputations of small business in affordable and inspiring ways. To learn more about how we can help your small business’s website become visible for optimal inbound marketing please contact us today.

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