3 Ways To Amp Up Your Social Media Quick


If you’re an established business, chances are you have a Facebook page. You might have an Instagram account or Pinterest account established, too. Good for you! You know the basics of social media marketing. But do you still find yourself wondering, “What are all these pages floating around on the internet actually doing for me?”

Stop getting frustrated when you spend copious amounts of time on these sites and don’t see your customers really engaged with your content. There are three ways to amp up your engagement and make sure all those hours dedicated to social media are working hard for you in return.

Taking Social Media Action

1. Design a contest. Contests and promotions are a great way to share content and make sure your customer is actually paying attention to it. Look at the calendar for some appropriate upcoming holidays that you might be able to base a contest around. In order to enter, make sure the customer not only “likes” your page, or a photo, etc. but that they comment or share to enter.

2. Always supply a call to action. Maybe you just wrote a great blog post about a cool new product your business is selling or an upcoming event you’re hosting. You supplied all the details and are proud of your work, yet, you don’t see any increased sales. Make sure at the end of the post, or several times throughout it, you provide a direct link to where you want that customer to land next. Essentially, tell them what to do! The clear direction will be mutually beneficial.

3. Follow them back. This one is a courtesy that gets overlooked and undervalued so easily. Customers LOVE when you engage with them. If a person has followed your new Instagram account and commented on a few photos, return the favor! They’ll be impressed you took the time and will be likely to continue posting on your accounts thoughtfully.

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