3 Common Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

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Your inbound marketing plan has the potential to be a huge part of your business’s success. You’ve put plenty of time and effort into constructing a plan, generating the content you think your customers want, and making sure that it’s out there for them to find. There’s just one problem: it’s not working!

If you’re struggling to make the most of your inbound marketing plan, check out these three common reasons your inbound marketing isn’t working. See if you recognize any of these symptoms–and can use them to fix your inbound marketing plan and make it work better than ever!

1. You’ve Forgotten All the Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey contains many stages, not just the decision stage–and you need content for all of them! Today’s customers are no longer reliant on salespeople to provide them with the information they need in order to make buying decisions. Instead, they’re turning to your online content to tell them what they need to know about your business. If you want to make more out of your inbound marketing campaign, you need to cover the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage with equal clarity. This might include:

  • Producing more content for the awareness stage: sharing information that will help customers make basic decisions, learn more about their concerns, or potentially troubleshoot problems on their own.
  • Building content that will assist the buyer as they move through the consideration stage, including content that may help them make decisions or fix problems on their own.
  • Adding content that will help buyers in the decision stage, including the ability to access pricing information.

2. You’re Paying Too Much Attention to Your Initial Result

Inbound marketing is a process. It’s not a matter of simply building a great content library and starting to share your posts on social media or send them out via email. Instead, you need to take those initial results and learn from them! If your initial posts aren’t seeing the kind of response you were hoping for, ask yourself these questions.

  • Did you clearly define your inbound marketing goals? Is your content geared toward reaching those results?
  • What type of content do your customers and fans respond to?
  • Where are you finding your customers and fans? Are you expecting them to come to you, or are you reaching them where you are?

You should conduct regular A/B testing and study the changes in the data you collect from your customers over time in order to enhance your inbound marketing success. If an idea or campaign fails to generate the interest you were hoping for, don’t consider it a flop! Instead, learn from the experience so that you can produce better content for your customers in the future.

3. You’ve Assumed Inbound Marketing Can Replace Other Marketing Forms

Inbound marketing is certainly the wave of the future. Many companies have already learned that skimping on inbound marketing makes it difficult for customers to find them, leading to a decrease in the amount of business that’s available to them. It’s also true, however, that your business also needs other marketing methods in order to be successful. When you focus on inbound marketing to the exclusion of everything else, you miss out on a great opportunity to connect with customers in a different area, enhancing their opinion of your business. Commercials, billboards, and face-to-face contact with potential new customers, like you might find when you visit a trade show or help with a charity event in your area, are vital to the marketing process, too.

Building a great inbound marketing strategy doesn’t happen overnight. With time, however, you’ll discover that you can build a great marketing strategy that will reach potential customers, connect with them, and let them know that you’re an expert in your industry. Need more help with your marketing efforts? Contact us today to learn how we can take your inbound strategy to the next level.

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