It’s 2011, and it’s Time to Get Sexy and Be Found

It's 2011, and it's Time to Get Sexy and Be FoundOK, so if you are like most Americans in 2011 you have promised yourself to go to the gym more often, eat less carbs and be more frugal with your money. From a marketing perspective, this is the best time to consider getting your marketing plan in shape. And, because of the contraction in money markets, the shrinkage in overall advertising sales and the hesitance of businesses on the brink, 2011 is a great year to break out your sexiest marketing plans and put them into place. If you are like me you are not in the position to be snapping up smaller companies but you may be in a position to put your best face forward and use this time to grow your downstream.

Getting Sexy

Consider 2011 is a year where you work your hardest to get found by those who know the least about you. From a geo-spatial look, if your customers are in Troy, Ohio.. put all of your advertising efforts into getting recognized in Tipp City or Piqua. Now, I didn’t say getting SALES from those ‘burbs, just GETTING RECOGNIZED. Put on your best attire, clean up that shop, throw a party and let those who know you the least, learn about you a little. You are using this down time in sales to build your downstream.

Getting Found

Your other concerted effort should be in getting found. I have to tell you, there are a number of electronic gates that are being setup by our friends at Google, Facebook and Bing that will make it EXCEPTIONALLY HARD for those businesses who don’t actively create, preen and update their online LOCAL pages. Take my word.. If you are not aware of these things, your business name, your location and more importantly your online directory listing can be easily poached. My advice. Find it, Claim It, Update It and then Lock it Down. You don’t want to be in the position of Googling yourself in 2011 and finding that your location, phone number and state has been changed or even worse does not exist. That can temporarily or permanently crater your sales depending on when you figure it out.

Bottom Line

Don’t you like it when I get to the point?? 🙂 Get Sexy and Get Found in 2011. If you need some help, give me a call.

–Mike McDermott
President, Bash Foo

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