<Social Remarketing for Bars, Restaurants and Venues

Social Remarketing for Bars, Restaurants and Venues

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Do you have a venue where you want people to congregate and interact with each other? How about a venue where you want to build “stickiness” and keep customers in your facility for a longer period of time? Social TV from Upshow has the ability to bring new customers in the door, as well as keep them there and engaged.

Let’s face it. Social media is everywhere and those millenials don’t have any other way to communicate. Enter Upshow. This new service allows your customers to post their images to your TV in house through the use of a simple hashtag. Seeing their smiling face on your TV is just the start, as you capture their social media info and can directly message them with deals, offers and invitations to come back. It’s the sort of marketing that that they willingly accept.

We can implement this affordable marketing service within your venue in less than a week. Want to get started? Call today! 937-912-4519

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