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Landing Page marketing

Our Landing Pages

  • Landing pages that allow you to integrate the pages with all other marketing tools
  • You can capture leads on your landing page and send them directly to MailChimp, Salesforce, AWeber, Constant Contact and more
  • Easily add Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and other conversion tools like live chat and surveys
  • Bolt your landing pages onto your WordPress website or blog

We Test Our Performance

We are able to A/B test our campaigns in order to find out what your customers are relating to, giving us more insight into how best to engage future customers (and giving you more opportunity for revenue).

All you have to do is create a new landing page variation, click “publish” and collect real time data on the live test. This allows customers to decide what’s best. These informed decisions undoubtedly benefit your business as you avoid assumptions and stick with real customer preferences.

Designing Top Landing Pages

Your landing page is the first thing a potential customer sees when engaging with your brand. At Bash Foo, we understand the significance of this. We specialize in creating awesome, dynamic landing pages to:

  1. Increase you search engine rankings
  2. Turn your prospects into customers
We think landing pages are the foundation of a successful campaign. What good does any marketing strategy do without turning casual visitors into loyal followers? That’s just what we do at Bash Foo.

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Clear, Concise, Engaging

We use clear, concise, and engaging landing pages to get new traffic to interact with your brand.

Our pages include:

  • Value Statements
  • Calls to Action
  • Responsive Forms
  • Ultra-sleek design
It just makes sense — a dynamic landing page results in higher conversion rates.