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How it Works

Digital Syndication means Real Links & Trusted Sites

While spam sites may be trying to lure you in with promises of “SEO juice”, we handpick our news organizations to ensure your stories are only showcased on relevant, trusted sites.

Immediate Buzz

The day your news breaks, we’re poised for action. We’re dedicated to spreading the word about your news, event, or press release as soon as you’re ready to release it. Your news will be ready to go ASAP and be fully searchable and indexed for years to come.

Modern AP Distribution

Our method of digital syndication can be thought of as “modern AP” distribution. We believe this type of distribution is the best method to get your news out there. Not only do we have access to hundreds of new sites, we also have the ability to cross syndicate into multiple networks and penetrate organizational and trade press lines. This leads to better, more reliable exposure for your brand.

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Your Stories, Distributed to Your Target Audience

We create relevant, inspiring stories and press releases about your brand and upload them strategically to generate momentum. Ideally, hundreds or thousands of sites seeking this specialized content will repost your stories, creating exponential exposure.

Relying on local press to generate buzz about your brand’s latest newsworthy event can often backfire; dwindling subscribership, varied print schedules, and overworked and underpaid news desks contribute to a generally unreliable medium. Our method is more reliable and has the ability to reach your unique target audience.

Our Strategic Partnerships

We’ve partnered up with hundreds of international news and trade organizations to distribute your newsworthy buzz in an effective way. We don’t just throw your stories out into the pond and hope for a bite. (Throwing stories out to an untargeted market and hoping for minimal exposure is so 2013.) We’ve stepped up our media game to get you the exposure your brand needs to thrive.